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It was based on earlier military fortifications. The first military positions here appeared somewhere in the spring of 1915 during the construction of the Russian position L'fortified area of South-Western Front. These fortifications survived until 1919, when during the Ukrainian-Polish war as a result of active offensive Polish troops "siege corps" of the Galician Army (held the city in siege) lost a significant number of troops and positions around the city. Then was quite badly damaged fortification branch, which in the mid-40s will become the secret dungeon named as kryjivka. Even more - in place of the two dugouts were built underground printing house, which more lately will become a museum.

Why is this Kryjivka "Last"? Because August 16, 1955 there was held in Lviv region last battle of warriors from numerous troops of the NKVD. The forces were not equal, since the numerical superiority allowed punitive squad surrounded the area by the triple ring. The UPA group consisted of three people. This is already more on tour ... So as a miracle, because two of them survived, one of them - is a woman. By the stories she told this Kryyivka was restored and compelled with all that was then. 

It is all based on the true stories, which are parts of ukrainian history.



10:45 - gathering at the monument to King Danylo Galician.

11:00 - Departure from the city center towards the village Basivka.

11:30 - arrival at Kryyivka museum, meeting with the guide and start the tour.

11:30 - 13:30 - tour of an underground museum complex.

14:00 - return to the city center.

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