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Cost of tour

900 grn. for 1 person


You are depressed? There are three exits: from Kozmieshchyk, from Yasinia and from «Zarosliak». Even if You do not have a depression, our best option - the last one in the list mentioned.

We will start our hiking-excursion from «Zarosliak» training resort, or rather - from the souvenir market near it. In order to hike «in the cold» we must begin our move before daylight. So, we are expecting evening departure from Lviv and night crossing by bus to training resort.

There will be 5 stages of hiking up the mountain, i.e. 4 halts. Already after the first halt You will disclose the incredible beauty of landscapes of the Chornohora Ridge, saddles and the neighboring mountains and ridges. The second halt is good for taking pictures against the background of the Great Prut Waterfalls cascade. The most difficult stage is the 4th, however, crossing it, You will find yourself on the so-called «Little Hoverla». Then you should expect a pretty easy way to the top.

We will climb down the mountain through the cascade of the Great Prut Waterfalls, where the fairytale continues, as You will not see such a beauty elsewhere. Take pictures, film everything You can. And after arriving in Lviv we will prepare another pleasant surprise for you as a memento.


Tour program:


1st day 

23:30 – gathering on Vynnychenka 30a street.
00:00 – departure from Lviv. Night crossing to Zarosliak training resort.

2nd day

6:30 – arriving in Zarosliak training resort. Instruction. Start of climbing Hoverla.
14:00 – getting on the bus.
15:30 – arriving in Yaremche.
15:30 - 16:30 – free time in Yaremche, Probiy Waterfall, souvenir market, time for dinner-supper
22:00 – arriving in Lviv.

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